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“If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards”

Having used all these services at Patty Shapiro & Associates, I can speak with conviction and tell you how each one of them can change your life, business and outlook. With its competitive edge, Patty Shapiro & Associates is continuously striving to take advantage of any of our alliances to enable you to achieve maximum results.

For Our Clients They Offer

CAD Training

Psychometric Testing

Management Training

Excel and Accounting Testing

Background Reference Checks

For Our Candidates They Offer

CAD Training

Resume Writing

Interview Coaching

Word and Excel Courses

Internship Opportunities

CAD Training

Patty Shapiro & Associates

In the courses provided by Patty Shapiro & Associates for Apparel Design you will learn skills what designers need in order to create garment designs. You will be taught how to create and then save for re-use, complex items such as zippers, patterns, and buttons.

This course is focused on sharing designs so they can be put into production. You will save time and money as our courses are specifically designed for the fashion/garment/textile industry, using tips, tricks and shortcuts.

Instead of a 3 to 6 month intensive full time course you will learn what you need to know for the industry in 12 hours of personalized training, GUARANTEED.

Custom Resume

Jessica Gohier

Based in Montreal, the Profilia team is specialized in resumes & cover letters, LinkedIn makeovers, interview coaching, creative resume templates and translations. Dedicated to providing customized consultations to optimize your job search, their passion lies in helping job seekers convey their professional expertise, personal branding and added value. Their mission is to help job seekers shine, take pride in their experience, and get the call for the interview.

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Psychometric Testing

Thomas International

Thomas International provides people assessments which empower business leaders to transform the performance of their teams and individuals – and deliver an immediate impact on their organization. They help their clients recruit, retain, develop and manage their people. They will give you insight to your employees – what motivates them, their core strengths and limitations, and their potential. They will add a high level of certainty to all your people-related decisions.

Thomas International- Psychometric and Aptitude Testing

What Motivates Them

Their Core Strengths And Limitations

Their Potential

Myelin Training

Robert Paris

MBA, President of Myelin Leadership International, is a management trainer, coach and consultant who focuses on helping organizations attract, retain and increase the productivity of their human resources.

Robert’s specific areas of expertise include assisting managers and non-supervisory employees to develop essential leadership and coaching skills; helping organizations achieve their business objectives by developing a culture that supports and encourages bottom line-oriented innovation initiatives; and coaching mangers at all levels to improve their abilities to perform at higher levels.

Robert is recognized as a pioneer in applying fundamental principles of neuroscience to management and leadership. He has a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership which applies emerging knowledge of the brain to business. He has recently developed ground-breaking programs in leadership, coaching, team-building and innovation that incorporate proven neuroleadership principles to awaken more of the brain’s resources to enable people to expand perspectives, talk more authentically and create rare moments of insight – with remarkable results.