Patty Shapiro
President & Founder
Leader | Ethical | Compassionate | Dedicated

With more than 25 years’ experience as a top level head hunter, I have successfully achieved my goal of changing people’s lives, enabling them to find the best life-work balance scenario. My strength is my vast network. By working with Patty Shapiro & Associates, you will be treated with honor and respect and have the opportunity to be connected with the esteemed companies or candidates of choice.

Stephanie Amar
Recruitment Director
Knowledgeable | Credible | Honest | Connected

As the fashion recruitment director, I lead a successful team at Patty Shapiro & Associates. During my 15 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of candidates and clients who have helped me gain a profound knowledge of how the fashion industry works through its trials and tribulations. I stand by my honesty and conviction towards both my clients and my candidates.

Amanda Rania
Recruitment Manager
Passionate | Outspoken | Loyal | Skilled

I strive to make the recruiting process as fun as possible, think of me as your favorite fashion item…like…a favorite pair of jeans (those are mine, clearly) It’s all about the RIGHT FIT. There is nothing like the thrill of a candidate’s enthusiastic “YES” to an offer and an equally pleased hiring manager who just landed a top performer. That to me? Is music to my ears. I’d love to help you, find me or I’ll find you.

Alex Robertson
Conception | Expectation | Attention | Execution

My business experience has enabled me to establish guidelines and principles to ensure that the highest standards are set and met. This, along with fostering a work environment that allows each employee to attain their goals and enjoy a life-work-balance, results in the sustainability and growth of this successful company. Let Patty Shapiro & Associates find the right fit for you.

Ellen Marcovitch
Accounting Assistant
Resilient | Resourceful | Reliable | Respectful

I practice the 4 R’s at Patty Shapiro & Associates, and as an integral member of the administrative and accounting department it is imperative that I do. With a degree in Journalism and Communications combined with my innate passion and ability for numbers Patty Shapiro & Associates is the ideal place for me to grow. I am motivated, passionate, and honorable and there when you need me. Just call me back.

Denise B.
Executive HR Associate
Insightful | Diligent | Sophisticated | Witty

Executive HR Associate makes me “Coordinator of Awesome”. At Patty Shapiro & Associates I hang with the CEO and Directors to make sure they have their projects, processes and people where they need to be. I help the entire team dream up cool ideas and put them into practice by arranging the right resources. Ask me how I can help change your world today.

Kellie Durocher
Ambitious l Hardworking l Passionate l Resourceful

Driven by the desire to succeed, creative fashion recruiter at Patty Shapiro & Associates excites me the most. My strong industry background has prepared me for the challenge in finding you the ultimate fit, candidate and client alike. Like many of you, fashion is in my blood and I am 100% focused on the end game. Let me help you find the challenge that awaits you.

Erin Yas
Enthusiastic | Dedicated | Honest | Personable

I am the newbie at Patty Shapiro & Associates. Prior to becoming a recruiter, I worked as a Graphic Designer in the fashion industry for 7 years. I switched careers paths because I realized that my passion for fashion combined with my desire to help others fulfill their dreams were aligned. I am energetic, up for any challenge, and excited to help guide you towards the right career path. What are you waiting for?

Dan Pereda
Freelance Director
Creative | Compassionate | Loyal | Dedicated

I am the Freelance Director at Patty Shapiro & Associates. Having spent over 25 years as a graphic designer, merchandiser, and product development manager in the apparel industry, I feel this grants me the expertise to recruit and guide both my clients and candidates to ensure the best possible fit. Freelance is where it’s at, reach out.

Josiève Forget
Trend Sales Consultant Manager
Confident | Creative | Efficient | Honest

I am an extremely motivated individual, results oriented, resourceful and that perfect combination of strong business acumen with a highly entrepreneurial spirit. Being in charge of the trend division at Patty Shapiro & Associates for over 5 years now I have listened, learned, and developed an innate quality to service my customers’ needs.

Robert Paris
Management Trainer
Passionate | Curious  | Leadership | Empathetic

I am a management trainer and consultant who focuses on helping organizations attract, retain and increase the productivity of their human resources. My specific area of expertise includes assisting managers and non-supervisory employees to develop essential leadership skills, as well as coaching mangers at all levels to improve their abilities to perform at higher levels.

“What I learned over the past 25 years working at Patty Shapiro & Associates is that my goal is to deliver happiness.”

I have acquired the skills on how to train, motivate, mentor, to work hard, to be humble, to be a firm and fair leader, and most important how to pick the right team. As a group we respect each other, everyone has a voice and is heard. When I think of Patty Shapiro & Associates I think of family, loyalty and honesty. I am proud and grateful on a daily basis.

Each night before we leave I say thank you, see you tomorrow, never taking anything or anyone for granted.

– Patty

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