Our Expertise

As your partner, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service. Our team of professionals takes the time to get to know your business, corporate culture, specific staffing needs and suggests optimum solutions all at competitive rates.

85% of potential candidates do not know that better job opportunities exist.


Patty Shapiro & Associates has over 25 years of a proven track record in supplying the best companies with the best candidates, using the most advanced tools in recruitment technology.


Patty Shapiro & Associates’ esteemed recruiters have a detailed roadmap to hidden talent sources that cannot be accessed.


Patty Shapiro & Associates enables your company to save both time and money by allowing us to source, pre-screen and reference check each potential candidate.


Patty Shapiro & Associates guarantees confidentiality.

Hire Fulltime
Patty Shapiro & Associates is committed to being the best partner for your company to ensure that we find the best possible talent to fit your needs.

Our services are guaranteed, and we will replace a candidate if the need arises, at no additional cost. We provide employees for permanent, temporary, contractual and freelance opportunities.

Retail & Head Office

Technical Fashion

Human Resources

Financial Recruitment

Executive Recruitment

Logistics & Sourcing

Planning & Allocating

Customer Service



Sales & Marketing

Secretarial & Admin


Graphic Artists


Product Development

Social Media Co-ords


Some of the positions available but not limited to.
Over Abundance Of Work

When caught in a bind with deadlines, allow our freelance division to provide a professional partner. With over 25 years of experience servicing the Fashion, as well as other industries, the outsourcing division has the freelance personnel to suit any company’s needs.


Find a way of working that adapts to your flexible lifestyle.

Get the job done efficiently.

Less Overhead

Save time & money on hiring

Get the job done right while without effecting your bottom line.

Specialized Talent

Contact your recruiter

Outline your specific requirements and let us do the job sourcing for you.


Done for less

Get access to a wide network of freelancers who can get the job done.

Candidate Referral Program

Help a friend, help yourself

Should you present us with a candidate that is not already in the database of
Patty Shapiro & Associates we will be happy to pay you a finder’s fee of up to
$500.00 (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS) should that candidate get hired by one of our clients.
We will gladly honor the referral bonus once the candidate has been confirmed.
Feel free to reach out to any of the recruiters for more information.
Thank you for your interest in our program.