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Our Expertise

Do you have a career FOMO? (Fear Of Missing Out) Patty Shapiro & Associates is fully committed to being the best possible partner in your job search.

85% of jobs are not visible or known to the public eye.


Patty Shapiro & Associates has connections with many clients that you would not necessarily have access to, as well as relocation possibilities.


Patty Shapiro & Associates’ recruiters find positions that match your requirements, evaluating your skills and thus eliminating your time wasted applying for unsuitable positions, as well as companies that do not match your corporate culture.


Using the latest in recruitment technology, Patty Shapiro & Associates can send your resume to hundreds of employers with immediate access accelerating and increasing your exposure.


Patty Shapiro & Associates offers a freelance division, allowing you to increase your working experience while looking for a permanent position.


Patty Shapiro & Associates prepares our candidates for the interview process, through resume preparation, feedback, negotiation and confidentiality.


Interview Tips


With our assistance you will gain insight for your next interview. 

We invest in our candidates with guidance and mentorship on how to improve your interview skills and how to make your resume best represent you.

Sample Interview Q & A


Sample interview questions and answers that may give you a competitive edge.

Potential questions to ponder to assist and comfort you in the direction your interviewer make take.

Sample Resume


Here is an example of a standard resume that will help you get started to build your profile.

Use this sample resume as a guide to build your own professional resume.


What sets Patty Shapiro & Associates apart from other recruitment agencies is that we treat everyone as an individual; we take the time to review and access each candidate’s portfolio and make sure they are properly prepared. Our goal is to drive your business forward with candidates that have the creative ability, and to ensure top quality talent.


Find a way of working that adapts to your flexible lifestyle.

Let us find you a meaningful job through our extensive network.


Identify the need

One day, one month, one year; whatever works best for you and your lifestyle.

Choose Your Clients

It’s your choice

Choose the project and the company that suits your career path.

Work-Life Balance

Get the job done

Get the job done on your own time frame, with a schedule that works best for you.

Candidate Referral Program

Help a friend, help yourself

Should you present us with a candidate that is not already in the database of
Patty Shapiro & Associates we will be happy to pay you a finder’s fee of up to
$500.00 (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS) should that candidate get hired by one of our clients.
We will gladly honor the referral bonus once the candidate has been confirmed.
Feel free to reach out to any of the recruiters for more information.
Thank you for your interest in our program.