Company Perks

#1 Choice Of Workplace

Working at Patty Shapiro & Associates we offer flexible hours, work from home schedule, education assistance, gym memberships, weekly in house yoga, bagel and fresh fruit delivery Monday, free parking, vaccinations on site, seasonal tire changing, half day Fridays all year and birthday and work anniversary recognition.

And More Perks

Great company vision and ethics, team spirited, encourages autonomy, dynamic and energetic work environment, hires and promotes from within, solid ties to the community, supports and works for several charities and bring your dog to work.

What Patty Shapiro & Associates promotes;
Life – Work – Balance
What Patty Shapiro & Associates will not tolerate;
Bullying –  Racism – Texting & Driving
In·tern·ship Opportunities
“Internally Yours”

Most young people staring off on their career path will probably go into their internship knowing nothing about how a business runs and leave feeling like they know everything. An internship done well can offer a well-rounded hands-on education that you would not receive otherwise. After serving an internship at Patty Shapiro & Associates we guarantee you will be much more focused and motivated, and have an idea as to whether or not this is the job/path you want to pursue.


Patty Shapiro & Associates continues to work with and support many of the schools in the Montreal area. We have an “internally yours” wall of fame that hundreds of interns have been a part of over the past 26 years.


The majority of all the students graduating must complete a 3 week internship (unpaid) in order to graduate. It is our obligation to help these students recognize their potential.


Feel free to apply for an internship at Patty Shapiro & Associates.

Please indicate in the subject line “Internship” and attach your cover letter, CV and your portfolio if needed.